You know you’re losing control when…

You know you’re losing control when you grow conversant in Pantone colors.

We have a venue!


Hamilton 12

Hamilton 12 will be hosting our wedding. It’s a lovely space, just down the road from Hamilton Pool. Georgia, who runs the place, is just darling.

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IT’S NOT WEIRD. New York Times says so.

Although Ms. Kahn says her frizzle is “docile and sweet tempered,” she frets about how the chicken will react to the music, crowd and extra attention.

— “Pets Accompany Couples Down the Aisle“, NYT

Antique Suitcases

G: Why does every wedding have an antique suitcase as a decoration?

I: I don’t like that. Antique suitcases had other people’s underpants in them.

oh, the ring… right.



Somehow, we forgot this photo.

Too great a burden

James just sent along a wonderful passage from this year’s Royal Wedding, from the Bishop of London:

“As the reality of God has faded from so many lives in the West, there has been a corresponding inflation of expectations that personal relations alone will supply meaning and happiness in life. This is to load our partner with too great a burden. We are all incomplete: we all need the love which is secure, rather than oppressive, we need mutual forgiveness, to thrive.”


Indie Industrial Wedding

Gunnar loves this venue. Too bad it’s in Birmingham.

Married in an Industrial Furnace

Walking towards the water tower.

[via Ruffled® | Indie Industrial Wedding from Jamie Clayton Photography.]

A moment of thanks to Erica.

Gunnar, Erica, and the hat in question.

The sweetest from my perspective is that my friends Gunnar and Ingrid got engaged after an intervention from their dog Rose, who ferried the ring between the two. I’ve been lucky enough to know both of these two for years and I’m proud to have played a minor causal role in their relationship by introducing them. Gunnar was in Austin for work, and I invited him to meet me at a holiday party across town, thinking while waiting for him to turn up that he and my darling friend Ingrid would get along, being similarly equipped with mischievous wit and devastatingly good bone structure. The sparks were apparent from the fact that while Ingrid was wearing a yeti hat when Gunnar arrived (as one does), Gunnar was shortly thereafter to be observed in the yeti costume in question. In fact, now that I’m thinking about it, although they’ve both shown a lot of love and courage over the past couple of years–having slogged through the unavoidable moments of loneliness and stress of what was once a long-distance relationship, and each having moved across the country for the other–I truly feel that I can take the lion’s share of the credit for the fact that the relationship came into being, and all the happiness that will attend. Congratulations, guys, and you’re welcome.

via Valentine’s review – Erica Grieder.

Ingrid says yes!

“I was hoping the dog would bring it to me.”