Which hotels do you like?

Hello! We’re arranging blocks of hotels for guests from out of town – and there are quite a few of you. There are a lot of great options, and we can’t seem to make up our mind… so we’re letting you choose!

If you have any that really grab you, please let us know in the comments at the bottom of the page. If you found a place we haven’t mentioned, throw that in the comments, too!


These will all be about 20 minutes from the venue. We’re arranging transportation, so don’t worry about that.

  • Stephen F Austin Intercontinental. Right by the Capitol on Congress, plenty of restaurants and shops nearby. The bar is very nice.
  • The Driskill. A piece of classic Austin. LBJ used to hang out here. If you like cow skin and taxidermy, this is your joint. The rooms are smaller, but it’s right on 6th Street, or “the Dirty 6th”.
  • Marriott Courtyard Downtown. This is where Gunnar stayed when he came to Austin before Ingrid. It’s just off 6th Street, by the Convention Center.
  • Four Seasons. Upscale and crazy, but you can see the bats emerge from Congress Bridge.
  • W Austin. Gunnar keeps trying to get a drink in this bar. This is where the bands stay when they’re playing Austin City Limits, which is right next door. It’s in the 2nd Street neighborhood, which is where Gunnar and Ingrid spend a lot of time.
  • Austin Hyatt. Right across the river from downtown, great base camp for the South Congress retail strip. Superfun pool.
  • Hotel San Jose. Holy crap, this is a great hotel. Ingrid and Gunnar love it, but there is no way we’re getting a block here.

Close to the Venue

7 responses to “Which hotels do you like?

  1. Erich

    Top 3: Driskoll, Marriott, & W.

  2. Anu

    I envision staying at the Marriott and sneaking off to the Intercontinental bar for drinks.

  3. W, mariott, hôtel san jose… being directly on 6th street is not, strictly speaking, a positive characteristic.

  4. Daniel Morse

    You had me at “cow skin and taxidermy”: The Driskill.

  5. Chris

    Chris here.  I’m easy, but liked the Driskill best.  I’d rather the InterContinental over the Marriott, and the memory is still too fresh for me to endorse any kind of Texas “W” at all.