About Ingrid and Gunnar

Ingrid edits books and dotes on Rose, the dog. Ingrid, here, looks in high school very much like she does today.



Gunnar flies in airplanes and talks about computers. He doesn’t look like he did in high school.

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9 responses to “About Ingrid and Gunnar

  1. The Yamamoto

    Pure awesomeness. Congratulations!

  2. Genevieve F.

    Gunnar, I’ve never met you but i can only assume you are a fine and intelligent gent. Ingrid is SUCH a catch! Yay!

  3. allison

    yay! what wonderful news. congrats!

  4. Martin

    Yay! What took so long :)

  5. Truecraig

    These bios took forever to read.  Just sum it up and stop doting on yourselves already, sheez. 

  6. Staci Heldring

    Ing- If we were still in NYC, we could hit this sweet little place to dress shop! http://www.bridalgarden.org/

    xoxo, Staci

  7. Staci_heldring

    Ing & Gunnar, can you please book these folks for your reception? One of their songs is like an ode to our Ing! – she’s a Classy Girl. http://thelumineers.com/

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